09 May, 2011

CCNA Skills Integration Challenge PT Activity 8.6.1 - Task 4

Task 4: Configure Static and Default Routing
Step 1. Configure HQ with a default route to ISP and a static route to the NewB LAN. Use the exit interface as an argument.
Step 2. Configure the Branch routers with a default route to HQUse the next-hop IP address as an argument.
Step 3. Verify connectivity beyond ISPAll three NewB PCs and the NetAdmin PC should be able to ping the www.cisco.com web server.
Let's do it:
Connect to the HQ router and configure default route to ISP:
HQ(config)#conf t
HQ(config)#ip route Serial 0/1/0 (use the exit interface on HQ router)
Now, configure static route to the NewB LAN:
HQ(config)#ip route Serial 0/0/1
Configure the Branch routers with a default route to HQ:
B1(config)#ip ro
B2(config)#ip ro
B3(config)#ip ro

Next, check that you have ping www.cisco.com


  1. Hey thanks for posting this :) need the help acualy me and my friends are at like 99% but what we cant get are the ACL'S like FIREWALL and the orther ones and its due tommorow so if your up to it if you could post the ACLs that would be great thanks again
    your a lifesaver

  2. OK, in a short time I am going write about this task, it seems TASK 11....... dont worry.....:)

    1. when r u going to post task 5-13?

  3. do you have task 5-13?