17 February, 2011

CCNA Skills Integration Challenge PT Activity 8.6.1 - Task 3

Task 3: Configure Static and Dynamic NAT on HQ
Step 1. Configure NAT.
Use the following requirements:
Allow all addresses for the address space to be translated. 
XYZ Corporation owns the address space. 
The pool, XYZCORP, uses addresses .241 through .245 with a /29 mask. 
The www.xyzcorp.com website at is registered with the public DNS system at IP address
First we must specify new access-list for using NAT:
HQ(config)#ip access-list standard NAT_LIST
Second action is enabling dynamic NAT translation on HQ.
For this action follow the requirements we must create NAT Pool:
HQ(config)#ip nat pool XYZCORP net
HQ(config)#ip nat inside source list NAT_LIST pool XYZCORP overload
And last action is enabling static NAT:
HQ(config)#ip nat inside source static
Also we must activate NAT mode on all interfaces include each subinteface on HQ router.
For all interfaces exclude serial 0/1/0 NAT mode must be configured as inside, for example:
HQ(config)#interface serial 0/0/0.41
HQ(config-subif)#ip nat inside
For serial 0/1/0 it must be:
HQ(config)#interface serial 0/1/0
HQ(config-subif)#ip nat outside
After completion your percentage must be 11%


  1. Awesome thanks a bunch. I was wondering if you have the rest of this somewhere?

  2. Until the end of this week I'm going to finish this lab work.....